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In Jupyter notebook, there is certain magic that happens that allows you to create a path right from the notebook that you are in to point directly to a data set in the same folder. When you move that script out of Jupyter and try to run it in the command line following the same logic you may run into issues. Which brings us to: Paths!

Paths: What do they mean?

When running your new script from the command line, you now have to be much more explicit about where you are directing it to look. …

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I graduated from college in 2008 right in the midst of the financial crisis with a major in psychology and math, subjects I found fascinating but hadn’t chosen based on potential career paths. Feeling at a loss of what to do, I embraced my youthful idealism and decided to volunteer in Gonaïves, Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Hanna. In Gonaïves, I worked for an organization called Hands on Disaster Relief and helped dig houses out of the mud and rebuild wells. The work was rewarding (and at times back breaking) but didn’t lead me any closer to a potential…

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